27 March 2020

Friday (03.04.2020)

Good Morning,

Today’s work is as follows:



Topic (weekly tasks)

Education City

Practise telling the time. Practise reading the clock to the quarter hour and the nearest 5 minutes.
Too easy? Challenge your child telling with some difficult questions - What will the time be in 12 minutes? What time was it 18 minutes ago?

 Education City – My City – Games to practise telling the time. (Your Home learning Books for working out may be needed)
ONLY some of the games are Ipad/Iphone friendly. More games will show on a computer. 


Go on maths frame and TTRS and see if you can beat your score!

Write a diary,

Write a diary about your week at home. Remember to recount what you’ve been up to but add you thoughts and feelings.


Scratch- https://scratch.mit.edu/ideas

On the Activity guides, go onto

Animate a Name

Animate the letters of your name, initials, or favorite word. 

Can you post your animation onto Google Classroom? 


Dance Mat Typing- Can you achieve Level 2?



Read the Easter Story Powerpoint (which is on Google Classroom)

Can you retell and then create a storyboard/comic strip of  the Easter Story? Upload your story board to Google Classroom. There is a template should you need it- select a star 1-3 ( 1 being the easiest level). 



Read the Story of Easter extract (select your star 1-3 with 1 being the easiest) and then complete the comprehension questions. The answers are available for your parents to check.


Get your parents to test you on your spellings- remember they must ask you them in a random order. Any mistakes, copy them out three times

Dictionary Work:

Complete the Dictionary Scavenger Hunt


Alongside these activities you could also complete the following:




All documents are on Google Classroom- DON'T FORGET to keep in touch via Google Classroom and we we will have another Zoom meeting at 1pm next Wednesday.


As it is the Easter Break, we will not be providing new learning over this 2 week holiday. However, we will provide an Easter Learning Pack for you to use with your children as you wish. We hope this helps. 

Look out for our Easter ‘Egg Decorating Competition’!

Stay safe-stay positive-keep happy!

We will continue with our work and correspondence on Monday 20th April.

Take care,

Miss Mills :-)

Class 2 Home learning- 03.04

Looking after our mental health during these uncertain times:

Support activities for children:

Create a diary throughout your time at home. Make a note of what you’ve been up to, how you’re feeling, any questions going around in your head.

Write a letter to a friend or relative that you can’t see at the minute.

Support for parents




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