Welcome to Class 3!

Mr Challinor

Class 3 Teacher

Miss Rowland

We would like to warmly welcome you to Class 3 with Mr Challinor and Miss Rowland.

We are a  class of 21 year 5 and 6 children.  Our aim is to be responsible and independent members of our school community who are role models for the rest of the school.  

We are excited about learning and we work hard to achieve our individual potentials.  We know that taking little steps each day is the key to making good progress.  We are resilient and understand that when things do not go to plan, we can learn from this to ensure a different outcome the next time.

We are looking forward to broadening our horizons, deepening our understanding of the world around us, and learning new skills through exciting topics and experiences, as well as having fun along our journey towards a bright and joyful future. 


Class 3 Meet the Teacher

Curriculum Overview Autumn 1 - Class 3

Class 3 Topic Knowledge Mats Autumn 1

Class 3 Topic Knowledge Mats Autumn 2


Year 5/6 Curriculum Overview Spring 1

Class 3 Topic Knowledge Mats Spring 1


 PE is on a Monday and Friday and children are asked to come to school in their school PE kit these days.

Reading for Pleasure

We believe that it is important to encourage everyone to develop a 'Life-long Love of Reading'.

Children will have opportunities throughout the week to 'read for pleasure', so they can bring in books from home or borrow them from the library. Below are a list of Recommended Reads for Year 5 and Year 6Why not challenge your child to read them all over the year? They might even find their new favourite author or discover their all-time favourite book! More details about our Recommended Book List Challenge Are you up for the Challenge?


Recommended Reads Class 3

Benefits of Reading for Pleasure

Choosing a Book

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